Antique American Hand Stitched Feedsack Fan Quilt

Vintage Past

A unique vintage textile treasure - a beautiful American antique quilt from the early 20th century with so many very pretty feedsack cottons lovingly hand crafted into the classic fan design - a pure work of art. 84" x 66", the squares 4.5", it has a light batting and is backed with the same plaster pink cotton that is used in the design and that shows the exquisite stitch work. A decorative quilt large enough to cover a double bed in super clean condition with no marks, there are some little areas of wear to individual fabric pieces commensurate with its considerable age (please see last 2 photos for examples) - these could be replaced but we think the quilt is just perfect as it is in its original condition. A rare and very beautiful piece of social & vintage textile history


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